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Welcome to the Department of Electrical Engineering

In the Electrical Engineering Department, we aim to produce graduates who are innovative and capable of becoming the leaders in their fields. Our students are given an excellent foundation in the principles of electrical engineering. From this base, they develop the ability to conceptualise, and to analyse and solve problems.

Orals online

You can view some of our live oral presentation online on the EE orals video feed, if you are on campus or connected via VPN.

Why consider electrical engineering?

Electrotechnologies make a profound impact on us as individuals and as a society. These technologies revolutionise the way we live; they shift our cultures, our economies and our development.

New forms of technology, which were once unimaginable, and achieve what once seemed impossible, are emerging every day. At the UCT Department of Electrical Engineering we are at the cutting edge of research and teaching, not just in South Africa, but across Africa and globally.

Our department's research projects cover a wide range of subjects, including the investigation of novel computer systems, the simulation of electricity markets, the use of computer control and instrumentation to optimise process performance, ecologically sustainable power generation, radar sensors and telecommunications. We focus on working closely with industry so that the department remains at the forefront of electrical engineering trends worldwide.

Become a part of our creative and stimulating degree programmes where we aim to solve the very problems whose articulation and analysis is our focus. You can view some of the photos from past Open Day events in our EE gallery.

Applying to study in the EE Department

You can apply online for either undergraduate or postgraduate study using the UCT Online Applications portal. You will need to register as a new user on the site if you haven't completed an online application previously.

For more information about the courses and degree programmes please download the EBE handbook from the EBE website: [EBE Handbooks]

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