Associate Professor Amit Mishra

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Research Interests

Radar Signal Processing and Machine Learning and Expert System


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Postgraduate Supervision


  • Khalid Almalki, SAR Data Collection
  • Nathan Boyles, SA – Cern Alice High Performance Computing Tier3 Cluster
  • Ashiv Dhondea, Tracking Space Debris 
  • Kaveer Manickchand,  Multiple Radar Environment Emission de –interleaving and PRI prediction
  • Muhammad Mirza, Android Based Feature Extraction from Electrocardiograph Signal
  • Victor Mushabe, IMU Devices used in SAR Applications


  • Abhishek Bhatta, GSM Based Communication Sensing (commSense) System 
  • Daniel Czech,  Detecting, Classifying & Identifying Radio Frequency Interference 
  • Zwe Htet 


Electronic Circuits: EEE3068F
Engineering System Design: EEE4113C