Professor Azeem Khan


Research Interests

  • Electrical Machines and Drives
  • Condition Monitoring


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Postgraduate Supervision


  • Darren Dudley, Design & Prototype of Vernler permanent Magnet Wind Generator
  • Daleel Lilla, Design of a MW scale PMSG for large wind turbine application
  • Dolly Masilela, Design optimization and analysis of ISPM generator for wind
  • Dewald Pretorius, Design & control of a flux-switching permanent magnet machine for a low-speed wind application
  • Xiao Hu, Grid Integration of WECS using 3-level converters and 2 level converters – Graduated Dec 2018
  • Mohamedreza Kalyan, Design & Testing of a High Speed Generator & Test Bench – Graduated Dec 2018
  • Jamilick Kinyua, Development of a Specialised Test Rig for Assessing the Efficiency of L.I induction machines – Graduated July 2017
  • Molaoa Molaoa, Development of a converter to interface a high speed PMSG to the grid & an isolated load – Graduated Dec 2018
  • John Mushenya, Design of flux switching permanent magnet wind generator – Graduated in April 2019
  • Maxas Ng’onga, Design, Prototyping & Testing of a High Speed Surface Mounted PM Generator – Graduated Dec 2018


  • Akinola Ajayi-Obe, Development of a medium voltage converter for transformer – less connection of high power wind energy systems
  • Abu Anekunu, Design & Construction of modified switched reluctance generator for wind application
  • Mathews Chirindo, Non-intrusive efficiency estimation on inverter fed induction machines
  • Sampath Jayalath, Optimization of magnetic pads for wireless inductive power transfer application
  • Akrama Khan, Development & Implementation of a grid connected converter as a power condition for a PMSG-based wind energy system integrated into a weak grid
  • John Mushenya, Design of small wind energy systems

Current Undergraduate Teaching 

  • Energy Conversion: EEE3091F
  • Electrical Machines & Power Electronics: EEE4117F