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Associate Professor Fred Nicolls

Research Interests

  • Image & Signal Processing
  • Computer Vision


My Google Scholar Profile

Postgraduate Supervision


  • Jan Combrink, Discriminate training of hidden marker models for gesture recognition
  • Jatin Harribai, Comparison of Ros with Feature Extraction Algorithms with SLAM
  • Francois Retief, Methods for Multi-Spectral Image Fusion: Identifying Stable and Repeatable Information cross the visible infrared spectra – QUAL June 2016
  • Richard Whittemore, 3D Imaging for search & rescue robots


  • Asheer Bachoo, Maritime Target Detection
  • Charles Bradshaw, Structured Incorporation of needed Uncertainty in Estimation Tracking and Control
  • Stephen Milborrow, Multiview Active Sharpe Models with SIFT descriptors
  • Marc Pienaar,  On the classification of time series and cross wavelet phase variance
  • Seren Reddy, Autonomous 2D-to-3D Conversion of Low Depth of Field Images

Current Undergraduate Teaching 

  • Signals & Systems I: EEE2047S
  • Digital Signal Processing: EEE4114F