Associate Professor Mqhele Dlodlo

Research Interests

  • Wireless Communication Systems
  • Software-defined Radio
  • Cognitive Radio
  • Video Streaming


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Convenor: Master of Engineering in Telecommunications

Curriculum structure

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Postgraduate Supervision


  • Musa Mshelia Salmamza, Development of multiband spectrum sensing algorithm for mm wave spectrum
  • Amakan Elisha Agoni, Performance analysis of FBMC over OFDM in Cognitive Radio Networks
  • Mark Charangwa, Evaluate the effectiveness of Cooperative/Coordinated Multipoint (CoMP) in Uplink and Downlink Transmissions
  • Wahau Lechesa, A Variable Threshold f for an Energy Detector Using GNU Radio
  • Maigari, Martins, Energy Efficient Downlink Transmission Strategies for Multiuser   MIMO Wireless System
  • Wiseman Nyembe, Load Balancing in LTE Advanced Networks Qualified 2016
  • Prince Vusi Taliwe, Blind detection of spread spectrum communication signals based on the Singular Value Decomposition (SVD)
  • Mcbath Rwodzi, Performance Analysis of Software Defined Radios in MIMO-OFDM Systems Qualified 2016
  • Loini Tshiningayamwe, Priority Rate Based Routing Protocol for WMSNQualified 2017


  • Mfon Charles, Design of an energy efficient wireless sensor network application using OPNET
  • Charles Lubobya, Performance analysis of hybrid WiMAX – WiFi video surveillance systems - Qualified 2017
  • Uyoata, Etuk, Relay assisted device-to-device communication: A Matching Theory Approach
  • Lindelweyizizwe Manqele, Internet of Things
  • Vusumuzi Moyo, Improving Cognitive Radio Dynamic and Spectrum Efficiency by using game theory enhanced distributed cooperative sensing
  • Henry Ohize, Development of DF an Intelligent MAC Protocol for Optimal Spectrum identification and co-ordination in an ad-hoc cognitive network - Qualified 2017
  • Elizabeth Okumu, A cross layer approach to antenna selection in cognitive radio MIMO systems
  • Opeyemi Osanaiye, Multi-Stage security boosting for service availability in cloud computing - Qualified 2016

Current Undergraduate Teaching

On Sabbatical in 2017