Emeritus Professor CT Gaunt

An electrical engineer with over 40 years of experience with an equipment manufacturer, electricity utility, consulting engineer, and in teaching and research, Trevor Gaunt specialises in power delivery system planning and design, including technology, financial analysis, and development and organisation planning.  He is an NRF-rated researcher.

Research Interests

  • Electricity distribution technology and electrification
  • Load models and voltage calculation
  • Geomagnetically induced currents
  • Reliability and costs of interruptions
  • Power theory, apparent power and power factor
  • Electricity industry restructuring and policy


My Google Scholar Profile

Programme Convenor of the Nuclear Honours and Masters programmes

Curriculum structure

Postgraduate Supervision


  • Victor Adebayo, Allocation of Transmissions loss to determine tariff
  • Kehinde Awodele, Customer Interruption Cost Modelling for Regulatory Decision making
  • Leslie Borril, Modelling GICs in large transformers
  • Mark Bruintjies, Investigation of Aging Characteristics of Hydro Generator Stator Bars
  • Hilary Chisepo,  Testing & Modelling the response of Power Transformers to GIC & Quasi-DC currents
  • Nicolas Ip Cho, Integrating the Effects of GICS in a Probabilistic Reliability Model for planning and operation
  • Johanette Van Der Merwe, A simplified approach to determine the set of substation configurations that minimize total economic lifecycle cost – Qualified June 2016