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Dr Yunus Abdul Gaffar

Research Interests

  • Radar and Digital Signal Processing


My Google Scholar Profile

Postgraduate Supervision


  • Robert Berndt, Micro-Doppler Based Automatic Classification of Aircraft using Radar
  • Darryn Jordan, 'A Dual Fractional-N PLL Based Heterodyne FMCW SAR'
  • Thabang Matladi, Enhancing target detection using Radar polarimetry


  • Muhammad Banderker, Active & Passive Sonar – A Comparison & Investigation into Novel techniques in the context of maritime
  • Kevin Gema – Case Study for the use of Synthetic Aperture Radar in Micro Satellite Imaging Applications – Graduated Dec 2019
  • Chiao-Shing Lin, Hand gesture recognition using ultrasonic sonar
  • Munzhedzi Mahwasane – Emmitter Location using time different of arrival (TDOA)
  • Solly Manamela, Consideration for radio frequency propagation modelling & simulation for Radar Electronic Warfare
  • Unathi Matu, Construction of a low cost traffic calming radar
  • Katlego Mosito - Investigation of Ground Moving Target Indication techniques using a multi-channel Synthetic Aperture Radar – Submitted
  • Michael Oosthuizen – Spotlight Synthetic Aperture Radar – Submitted
  • Matthew Pike, Passive FMCW node development


Current Undergraduate Teaching 

  • Embedded Systems I:  EEE2046S
  • Electronic Devices & Circuits: EEE3090F