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Dr Jane Wyngaard

Wyngaard is an Electrical Computer Engineer with a passion for open source technologies.

She holds an undergraduate degree in Mechatronics Engineering from the University of Cape Town South Africa, where she also completed her Doctorate focused on Parallel Microprocessor design for Scientific High Performance Computing.

Following a post-doctoral position building BigData analytics tools for Earth Science at the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, she joined the University of Notre Dame's Center for Research Computing as a Computational Scientist. 

There her research interests focused on building embedded and software tools that facilitated the data and control paths from sensors through to cloud services.  

These included: using Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems for data capture, Data analytics and Management of Embedded and Reconfigurable Systems, and managing the use of compute resources in a heterogenous Edge and HPC system.

She currently Lectures Embedded Systems and Electrical-Computer Engineering Systems In the Electrical Engineering Department at the University of Cape Town, while continuing to pursue research avenues in: Edge and Reconfigurable Computer Architectures, IoT System Architectures, Drones as data capture platforms, and Automated Data Tooling for research.


Research Interests

  • InComputer Architecture
  • Embedded Systems
  • Edge to Cloud Data Management
  • High Performance Computing
  • Open Drones



Google Scholar

Research Gate

Postgraduate Supervision


  • Joash Naidoo: Characterizing Single Event Upsets within the lpGBT-based End-of-Substructure Card
  • Max Van Der Merwe: Characterizing Single Event Upsets susceptibility of the VL+ optical transceiver on CERN ATLAS End-of-Substructure Card
  • Mark Njoroge: Design and Implementation of an Open Source FPGA and RISC-V based LoRa  Module for use in IoT Applications
  • Ngoni Mombeshora: Semantically enhanced Open Source 5G data streaming on drones
  • Kristof Itana (minor thesis): Radio Access Network Virtualization Techniques for Internet of Things, using Software Defined Network and Network Function Virtualization



Current Undergraduate Teaching 

  • Electrical Engineering Design Principles: EEE3088F
  • Embedded Systems: EEE3096S [EEE3095S]