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Master of Engineering specialising in Nuclear Power

Nuclear power stations operating in over 30 countries provide approximately 13% of the world’s electricity. Nuclear energy is a part of the existing and planned energy and electricity policy of South Africa.

This Master of Engineering (MEng) programme provides a postgraduate qualification in the key aspects of nuclear power for societal benefit. The programme provides a balance of the scientific, engineering and applications aspects of nuclear power, including the policy, operating, safety and regulatory aspects.

The degree comprises coursework to the minimum of 120 credits and a 60-credit dissertation. The programme is designed to accommodate students who cannot be resident in Cape Town for the full duration of the degree. The courses will be offered in intensive one-week or two-week blocks, with pre-contact reading and post-contact assignments and various distance learning activities. Students will be required to be in Cape Town for the intensive course periods.


Programme Convener:


Core Courses

Number Course NQF Credits HEQSF Level
EEE5004Z Minor Dissertation 60 9
EEE4106Z Introductory nuclear physics and radiation for power supply 16 8
EEE4107Z Thermodynamics for nuclear power stations 16 8
EEE4108Z Electrical and mechanical equipment in nuclear power stations 16 8
EEE5128Z Nuclear reactor theory and design 20 9
EEE5129Z Nuclear reactor operations and safety 20 9
EEE5129Z Regulatory requirements for nuclear power 20 9
MEC4111Z Nuclear manufacturing & construction engineering management 12 8
Total credits   180  

Please note that courses will only be offered if there are a sufficient number of students registered for the course.