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Master of Philosophy specialising in Space Studies

Space technology and space applications are used to such an extent that they are now part of the critical infrastructure of the modern information society. Space applications are also a key contributor to sustainable development in areas such as food and water security, weather prediction, climate change monitoring, environmental resource management, disaster management, search-and rescue, financial transactions, tele-medicine and tele-education.

This Master of Philosophy (MPhil) programme is aimed at providing an interdisciplinary postgraduate qualification in the key aspects of space science and technology and space applications for societal benefit. The programme provides a balance of the scientific, engineering and applications aspects of space technology, as well as the policy, financial, commercial and regulatory aspects.

The degree comprises coursework to the minimum of 60 credits and a 120-credit dissertation. The coursework comprises 45 credits of compulsory core courses in: Space mission analysis and design; Space applications for sustainable development; and Space and society. The candidate is required to complete a further minimum of 15 credits of approved elective courses to make up a minimum of 60 credits of coursework. Candidates deemed to have completed equivalent coursework, or deemed to have equivalent work experience in the space arena, may exceptionally be permitted to register for this degree by dissertation only, in which case the dissertation must be to the value of 180 credits [EM025EEE07].

The programme is designed to accommodate students who cannot be resident in Cape Town for the full duration of the degree. The courses will be offered in intensive course periods with pre-contact reading and post-contact assignments and various distance learning activities. Students will be required to be in Cape Town for the intensive course periods.

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Programme Convener:


Core Courses

Number Course NQF Credits HEQSF Level
EEE5002W Dissertation: Electrical Engineering 120 9
EEE5103Z Dissertation Preparation 0 9
END5050X Master’s journal paper 0 9
EEE5124Z Space and Society 15 9
EEE5125Z Space Applications for Sustainable Development 15 9
EEE5126Z Space Mission Analysis and Design 15 9
EEE5127Z Special Topics in Space Technology 5 9
  Elective 10 9
Total credits   180  

Please note that certain courses run every alternate year and that certain courses will only be offered if there are sufficient students registered for the course.