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Professor Alireza Baghai-Wadji

Research Interests

  • Computational Electronics


My Google Scholar Profile

Postgraduate Supervision


  • Mahmood Akbari, Utilizing Emerging Technologies for Hardware Security against IP Piracy and Hardware Trojans
  • Yean-Tzer Hsu, Device Modelling in Mass Loading Problem Elastic Materials
  • Mohamed Lorgat, Long Memory Internet Traffic Modelling for Anomally-based Intrusion
  • Bruce Mkhaliphi, Reconstruction of functions from non-uniformly distributed sampled data in shift-invariant wavelet and frame subspace
  • Mbulelo Ntlangu, Network Traffic Modelling using time series analysis


  • Lateef Akinyemi, AB Initio Quantum Physics-based modelling and simulation of a small-scale plasmonic devices  

Current Undergraduate Teaching

  • Introduction to Electronic Engineering: EEE2042S​​​​​​
  • Introduction to Electrical & Electronic Engineering: EEE2049W