Professor E Boje

An NRF-rated researcher.

Research Interests


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Postgraduate Supervision


  • Divij Soobhug, Research into Kalman Filtering
  • Nicholas von Klemperer, UAV and Doone Control & Flight Path Planning
  • Tinashe Gwatiringa, Acoustic Pest Management: Design of an acoustic device to control the population of the African Sugarcane Borer
  • Bhavani Morarjee, Computer vision for powerline inspection robot – Qualified 2016 
  • Javaad Patel, Brachiating Power Line Inspection Robot – Qualified 2016 


  • Arnold Pretorius, Design and Modelling of a Variable Pitch Quadrotor for Aggressive Manoevres
  • Yashren Reddi, Modelling , Estimation and Control of a Twin-Helicopter Slung Load Transportation System 

Current Undergraduate Teaching 

  • Control Engineering:  EEE3069W / EEE3081F
  • Process Control & Instrumentation:  EEE4093F