Professor Komla Folly


Research Interests

  • Power Network Optimization, Control and Stability


My Google Scholar Profile

Postgraduate Supervision


  • Kingsley Akpeji, Stochastic Modelling and Optimzation in a Renewable Energy Based Micro-Grid
  • Derick Dombo, Application of Adaptive Population-Based Incremental Learning and Self-Adaptive Differential Evolution algorithms to tuning Power System Damping Controllers
  • Johannes Mukusuka, Planning of the Namibian Power Network considering Smartgrid
  • Nkateko Nkuna,
  • Ntlahla Ntsadu, 
  • Arnold Sagonda, Design & Feasibility of a grid tie PV Solar system
  • Paul Emmanuel, Investigation into transient stability of Nuclear Power plant using DIgSILIENT – graduated in June 2016


  • Olurotimi Awodiji, Integration of Wind Energy into deregulated market
  • Rajendren Chetty, Smart Microgrids for Rural Electrification in S.Africa
  • Chukwubuiken Chukwuka, Integration of Concentrated Solar Power on S African Electricity Grid
  • Ismaheel Oladejo, Management & Control of Microgrid

Current Undergraduate Teaching 

  • Power Distribution & Transmission Networks: EEE4089F
  • Power Systems Analysis Operation and Control: EEE4090F