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Robyn Verrinder

Research Interests

  • Robotics
  • Control & Instrumentation


My Google Scholar Profile

Postgraduate Supervision


  • Gevashkar Rampersadh, Sea-state interaction based dynamic model of the Liquid Robotics' Wave Glider: Modelling and control of a hybrid multi-body vessel                                                           
  • Boitumelo Dikoko, An investigation into mapping mearging approaches for multirobot simultaneous localisation and mapping 
  • Tinashe Gwatiringa (co-supervisor), Sea state estimation from inertial platform data for real-time ocean wave prediction
  • Kossivi Fangbemi (co-supervisor), Collaborative control of Wave Glider platforms
  • Jatin Harribhai (co-supervisor), Using regions of interest (ROIs) to track landmarks for RGBD simultaneous localisation and mapping (SLAM)

  Current Undergraduate Teaching 

  • Embedded Systems I: EEE2046F / EEE2050F
  • Process Control & Instrumentation: EEE4093F